Lindsay Robertson grew up in  Guelph Ontario, self-educating as a musician and songwriter, steeping herself in a pool of local music, a ton of Bessie Smith, Tom Waits,  and the thousand and one songs played at open stages that began at 11 PM and went till the wee hours, with more songs played at home after that. 
She relocated to Vancouver BC over fifteen years ago, and released her minimalist debut album Ruby Hotel, and supported it playing gigs all over town, including  bars, restaurants, stores, celebrations, a festival in a public park where a helicopter landed right behind her, a parking lot where a moving truck pulled in in front of her, and the open stage she hosted for two years. 
Her follow-up album Red Light Letters, working with producer/guitarist Jesse Waldman and a variety of Vancouver musicians, expanding her sound in ways that bring to mind The Heart of Saturday Night-era Waits, Patsy Cline, Neko Case and indie darlings Hurray for the Riff Raff. 
Lindsay continues to write songs  and perform in Vancouver and on the road. She can be contacted at